Dear Neighbor:
     I died. I know it is overly dramatic to start a letter with the words “I died,” but there is no sugarcoating the truth. But thanks to the heroic actions of Montclair Ambulance Unit, I am alive and able to share my story with you.

     While I will spare you all of the details, one afternoon this past winter I was overwhelmed with a feeling of dread, began sweating profusely and was gasping for air! My wife called 911 and in less than three minutes, two members of Montclair Ambulance Unit (MAU) were at our door. They used a defibrillator to shock my heart back to a rhythm and performed CPR until they could safely transport me the hospital.
     Prior to that fateful day, like most of you, I never really thought twice about the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) available in the community of Montclair. I took EMS and the entire 911 system for granted. For me and the
approximately other 3,470 members of the Montclair community who directly benefitted from MAU’s premier pre-hospital care last year, I can guarantee you that we will never take MAU for granted again.
     Before you put this letter away for later consideration, right now while you’re thinking about it, please make as generous a gift as possible to MAU. They do save lives and one day it may be someone you love – or even you!

Thank you, again, for your consideration.

Warmest regards,
Your Montclair Neighbor

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Non-Emergency:  973-783-7624

     Montclair Ambulance Unit is an independent emergency medical service that has served the Township of Montclair since 1953. 

     It as been the generous support of the people of Montclair who have helped keep this service alive all these years.

     These are trying times for us all but it is with your continued support that we will be able to keep MAU alive – to help save lives.

     There are many different ways that you can support the mission of MAU. You can attend our annual MAU Golf Outing or St. Patrick's Day Benefit or donate to our Annual Fund Drive mailing. 

     Once of the easiest ways is right here on Just complete the form below to make a secure donation. Donations can be made to the MAU General Fund or as a Tribute. 

     Remember, the Montclair Ambulance Unit is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, so your support is tax deductible. Please donate today and we thank you for your support.