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Our Services
Emergency Medical Technicians are first line responders. We come to you when you suffer a heart attack or a stroke. We deliver babies. We rescue you in automobile, motorcycle and pedestrian accidents. We rush to shootings and fights, putting ourselves in harms way to care for the injured. We know which hospitals to transport you to for your particular case - so you get the best care, when seconds count. 

Montclair Ambulance Unit 
     •Has handled over 175,000 rescues since its inception in 1953 
     •Has professionally trained Emergency Medical Technicians 
     •Answers over 3500 calls a year in Montclair and the surrounding communities 
     •Has 4 fully equipped ambulances 
     •Has a fully equipped Command/First Response Vehicle 
     •Has a Special Operations Vehicle with plow and tow capability 
     •Has a 4.3 minutes response time 
     •Is an member of the New Jersey EMS Task Force and hosts Essex Staging Trailer 2 and ASAP Off-Road Rescue Vehicle 15

All of MAU's ambulances are licensed by the New Jersey Department of Health and overseen by the Office of Emergency Medical Services. Our vehicles are all fully equipped with automated external defibrillators, and staffed with two certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT). 

Our EMTs are certified after completing a Department of Health approved EMT course focused on: 
     •cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) 
     •Patient assessment 
     •medical emergencies 
     •oxygen administration 
     •assisting patients with medications 

Many of our EMT's also come with specialized training in: 
     •Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support 
     •Search and Rescue 
     •Vehicle Extrication and Rescue 
     •Incident Command 
     •Large Scale Incidents 
     •Weapons of Mass Destruction and CBRNE Response 
     •CPR Trainer Certification 

Some of our services include: 
     •9-1-1 Response 
     •Non-Emergent Medical Transport 
     •Mutual Aid coverage for Verona, Cedar Grove, Glen Ridge, Bloomfield, Nutley and Clifton 
     •EMS Standby coverage for public and private events 
     •EMS Coverage for film and television productions 
     •CPR and First Aid Classes 
     •Emergency Preparedness 
     •Statewide response as a member agency of the New Jersey EMS Task Force